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We assume you may have a few questions.
Please find the frequently asked questions below.
What are the ingredients of Mikro'BALLOON?
The ingredients include herbal hydrogels and multivitamins. Please check our products page for the complete list of ingredients!
Is Mikro'BALLOON safe as a dietary supplement?
Mikro'BALLOON is an approved and licensed dietary supplement. Its production adheres to GMP conditions, and the ISO 22000 Food Safety system is strictly followed. Mikro'BALLOON is also certified as HALAL FOOD.
Are there any side effects associated with Mikro'BALLOON similar to pharmaceutical drugs?
No, Mikro'BALLOON does not have any side effects like drugs. It is a natural dietary supplement made from herbal hydrogels and multivitamins. As with any supplement, it's recommended to follow the recommended dosage.
Who is Mikro'BALLOON suitable for?
Mikro'BALLOON is recommended for use by individuals who are in good health. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.
Do all users experience the same benefits from Mikro'BALLOON?
Mikro'BALLOON delivers benefits through its ingredient features. The swelling effect of hydrogels alone may not be sufficient to achieve the desired impact. The intensity of the drinks consumed with Mikro'BALLOON can influence the user experience.
What is the recommended daily dosage of Mikro'BALLOON capsules?
It is recommended to use 1 Mikro'BALLOON capsule per day. If you are on a reduced-calorie diet, and depending on the number of reduced portions, dosages can be increased to maintain vitamin and mineral balance. However, do not exceed 1 capsules before your main meal and a total of 3 capsules per day.
What purposes can Mikro'BALLOON be used for?
Mikro'BALLOON has been designed as a 'New Age Hunger Management' product. As a dietary supplement, it is safe for daily consumption and can be taken before meals with water or any healthy beverage.
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Do the herbal hydrogels expand in a bubble-like shape?
No, the herbal ingredients contain mucilages in their structures. Mucilages, which are hydrogel-like substances, can absorb water. The swelling is similar to how sponges absorb water on a micronized scale.
Do the hydrogels within Mikro'BALLOON swell in an uncontrolled manner?
No, they never swell uncontrollably. Herbal hydrogels swell by absorbing water, so they cannot swell more than the amount of the consumed drinks.
Does Mikro'BALLOON lead to intestinal congestion?
No, such a situation is highly unlikely. Herbal hydrogels are digested through the digestive system. Consuming Mikro'BALLOON is as natural as eating vegetables.
How can I access user comments?

'' Mikro'BALLOON seems like the tangible manifestation of the water diet. I had a strong belief that it would work.''

"With Mikro'BALLOON, I discover happiness and energy. I deserve it."

"I'm genuinely excited to explore the world of microgels. There are still developments that can surprise me."

'The swelling feature and herbal hydrogels provide the mechanical effect I'm seeking. What else do I need?''

"Mikro'BALLOON has a pretty cool stance. I believe I've found the ultimate meal capsule."

"Naturally, it is challenging to control our habits.

When I find it hard to control myself, I turn to Mikro'BALLOON."


Due to momentary pleasures, we often stray from what we desire the most. I want to express my gratitude to Mikro'BALLOON for helping me regain my fitness."

Gaining weight and wasting my time—this feels like darkness. Thankfully, Mikro'BALLOON serves as my warrior against the shadows."

Click on the link above to read user comments and share your own. To reach out to us, use the 'Contact Us' form to send an email, and we'll respond as quickly as possible. To place a Mikro'BALLOON order, click on 'Buy Online' in the 'Products' section. We accept all major credit cards through the secure IYZICO payment gateway. Once payment is made, your product will be shipped within 3-10 working days for all countries. You'll receive a shipping number via email to track your order. Don't miss the 2-Boxes discount, offering a cost-effective price for extended use of Mikro'BALLOON.
Best Regards
Mikro'BALLOON Team
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99 - 2 Boxes
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